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Lara MacGregor

Hope Scarves

About Lara

My style reflects my free spirit, creative, hopeful approach to life.  I love bright, unique accessories- necklaces, earring and especially scarves.  I’m a big fan of the one and done philosophy to clothing- a dress or jumper. No need to think about multiple pieces – just pair it with a fun accessory and go.   I like when my style tells a story – pieces I found while traveling, special gifts from people I love like the turquoise “hope” bracelet I’ve worn for 10 years – a gift from a dear friend during my first cancer diagnosis and items that remind me of experiences in life.  When I put on these things they reminds me of an adventure, challenge or person that has influenced me.  Most of all, I wear things that bring me joy that day- sometimes that’s yoga or running clothes for days on end…. Live life to the fullest, one day at a time – my philosophy both in life and style.
— Lara MacGregor

Lara is the Founder of Hope Scarves, an international non-profit organization based in Louisville, KY.  The mission of Hope Scarves is to share scarves, stories and hope with people facing cancer. Lara started Hope Scarves as a way to turn her experience with cancer into something positive to help others. Lara was originally diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in 2007 at the age of 30, 7 months pregnant with her second child.  During treatment Lara received a box of scarves from a friend and a note saying, “you can do this.” 

When she finished treatment, she shared these scarves with another woman then another woman and was touched by how much this simple gesture meant.  Lara founded Hope Scarves in 2012 and operated out of her spare bedroom with her kids and several volunteers by her side.  The organization quickly grew and has now sent over 7000 scarves and stories to women in every state and 16 countries facing over 90 types of cancer.  Lara lives each day to the fullest with intentionality and joy.  She holds tightly onto the power of hope and treasures beautiful moments in the midst of on-going treatment.  Lara loves to run, sail, spend time with friends and family and travel. She and her husband Jay call Louisville, KY home and have two sons, Wills (12) and Bennett (9).



Designated Charity

Lara's charity of choice is Hope Scarves. Hope Scarves collects scarves and stories from people who face cancer and then sends them on to others in treatment.   Whether you are a patient, survivor or know someone with cancer Hope Scarves can be a resource.