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Russell Smith

St. John Center for Homeless Men

You may not notice, but I have a congenital heart defect. After three surgeries, I have a sloped shoulder, protruding shoulder blade, and couple other irregularities. As a young man, they made me feel insecure. And so, truth to tell, I was not always a paragon of fashion. Unforgettable looks growing up included “the bumblebee look” of a black turtleneck and yellow polo, sweaters and jeans three sizes too large, and uncombed hair for most of elementary school. But at age 18, my father took me to a tailor (Herb Melton at Tom James Co). He made me clothes that fit correctly, felt comfortable and boosted my confidence. Those characteristics remain hallmarks of my classic, timeless style with an occasional fun flair: wear clothes that fit comfortably and outwardly reflect the inner confidence of the man. While my work attire usually involves a blazer and slacks, I feel comfortable in black tie, jeans, and fishing outfits for the flats of the Bahamas or the wilds of Alaska.
— Russell Smith

Russell Smith is a REALTOR® at Kentucky Select Properties, the largest locally-owned residential real estate brokerage in Louisville. Russell supports his clients through their key life transitions: marriage, birth of children, downsizing, promotion or liquidity event, acquiring investment property, divorce and remarriage, and estates and trust needs. A native of Louisville, he also serves as a Vice President of Midtown Enterprises, L.L.C., a third-generation family real estate investment firm. 
Russell  is married to YWC Board Member Kathleen Smith, who works as a Director of Government Affairs at Kindred Healthcare, Inc., a Fortune 500 provider of post-accute care services. They have two daughters, Beatrice and Cordelia. Russell and Kathleen met and married while they lived in Washington, DC. After moving back five years ago, Russell sought a non-profit he felt called to and with which he could work. After touring St. John Center for Homeless Men, he found his match. St. John Center serves more than 1,700 homeless men per year, and an average of 180 men visit every day. Every single day of the year, it provides a day shelter, permanent supportive housing, legal aid, coffee, showers, telephone and mail services, and job search support. In FY 2016, 216 men found permanent supported housing, through their own diligence and the work of St. John. Russell has volunteered at St. John, and served on the Strategic Planning Committee since 2015 and the Board of Directors since 2016. He and Kathleen currently co-chair St. John Center’s signature fundraiser, Raisin’ the Rent, which will be held on Saturday, March 3, 2018. 

Russell's Designated Charity

Russell’s charity of choice is St. John Center for Homeless Men. Since 1986, St. John Center has helped thousands of homeless men seek help, find hope, move forward, and break down the barriers to homelessness.